ONID - OSU Network ID

Who can get an ONID account?

The following people are eligible for an ONID account:

  • All admitted students.
  • All students that are eligible to register for classes.
  • All employees of the University, including students and graduate assistants, are eligible from the beginning of their employment through their last day of work.
  • All emeriti and adjunct or courtesy faculty are eligible for the duration of their appointment.
  • All official OSU Associates are eligible during the course of their official association with the University. For further information about the OSU Associates program, contact the OSU ID Center at (541) 737-2493 or id.center@oregonstate.edu.

Note: Spouses of OSU employees are Affiliates, not Associates. Affiliates are not eligible for ONID accounts.

How long can you keep your ONID account after you are no longer eligible?

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