Your OSU Identity

ONID is the username that you use to access resources at OSU, such as Canvas, email, and Office 365.

Change my ONID Password

If you know your current ONID password, even if it's expired, you can change it.  If you don't know know your current password, you can use Account Recovery to restore access to your account.

Activate your ONID

New to ONID?  Activate your ONID account here.  You will need to know your birth date, and OSU ID number.

Manage my ONID Account

Manage your other ONID account settings, including Account Recovery and Name format options.

What is ONID

ONID stands for OSU Network Identifier. Your ONID username is automatically generated and assigned based upon a combination of your last name followed by your first name as listed in University records, and is limited to 8 characters. Your ONID is not the same as your 9-digit OSU ID number.

Due to the volume of users in our system, there are limited circumstances under which you can change your ONID username. You can learn more about the process in our knowledge base.